Tamelia Tumlin

Isn't there something exhilerating about falling in love for the first time and being whisked away on an emotional journey with an ultra-sexy but falliable hero and the fiesty but somewhat flawed heroine?

As a teenager I was an avid reader of the ever-so-popular Harlequin Romances. I even tried my hand at writing one for the young adult line when I was 14. Although the editors were very encouraging, my manuscript was ultimately rejected. Of course, at the time I didn't know about conflict and emotional crises. I simply wrote a sweet romance about two teenagers falling in love.

Several years and a college course or two later I tried my hand at a paranormal short story. "The Traveler" was accepted by Dogwood Tales Magazine and was the feature story of that issue.

I didn't pursue writing again until recently. Now, I am diving whole-heartedly into the writing process. And with the help of my friends (both pubbed and unpubbed authors) at the eharlequin community, I am refining my craft and getting my romance novels and novellas published. You won't find a finer bunch of folks anywhere in the world. They are the BEST!

My biggest fans are of course my family. My mom was my critique partner, and my dad and son are now my cheering squad. My adorable son, Jacob, is always asking if I'm working on my chapters.

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