Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New December Release: Vet Tech Tales - Volume 1

A coming-of-age story for anyone who’s ever had a pet or a dream.

An Amazon exclusive. Special introductory price: 99c.

Armed with the belief that simply loving animals would be enough to see her through high school, college, and eventually into veterinary medicine, Phoenix is in for some rude surprises as she navigates her way toward a career working with animals in “The Early Years,” the first installment of her VET TECH TALES series.

From the dying finch found miraculously “resurrected” in a pet store to the diabetic poodle that gives its elderly owner a purpose in life to an embarrassing incident with a coyote, these engaging tales reinforce how the animals we meet teach us the greatest lessons about what it means to be human.

17 Tales - 25,000 words – about 100 pages

Vet Tech Tales: The Early Years is available in English in all of Amazon's Kindle stores:
Amazon.com - 99c
UK - 86p
Germany - ,99e
Spain - ,99e
France - ,99e
             Look for
Volume 2,
“On The Job,”
in Spring 2012.

About the Author

In the corporate world, Phoenix was a professional writer and editor for 23 years. Before that, she was a registered veterinary technician, working with small animal clinics and wildlife rehab centers. Today, she lives on a 27-acre farm, Rainbow's End, with a small herd of ponies and miniature horses; flocks of chickens, ducks and guineas; a rescued iguana; a mother goat and her son who strayed up; and several dogs and cats who likewise found their way onto the farm and into her heart.

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