Friday, August 10, 2012

4 New Releases + Freebies!

We know our putting a lot of new titles out at once can be hard on the budget. That's why we're rolling out Jennifer's backlist of 36 titles a little at a time - plus, we're making it as affordable for you as possible by offering some really super deals. Be sure to sign up for our Fresh Leaves Newsletter to be in the know as to when you can pick up the newest releases for the best prices.

August New Releases:
4 Louisiana History Collection Titles
Spanish Serenade
by Jennifer Blake

FREE Aug 10 (and maybe a little longer!
Check the price before purchasing)
Otherwise, $2.99 through August 24
(Reg. $3.98)

Will the fire of revenge bind them or destroy them?

Fierce Eden
by Jennifer Blake

$1.99 through August 24
(Reg. $3.98)

What has he done with his devil's bargain?

Louisiana Dawn
by Jennifer Blake

$2.99 through August 22
(Reg. $3.98)
Look for extra special pricing Aug 23-24!

Life would be perfect - once rid of her tiresome virginity...

Embrace and Conquer
by Jennifer Blake

$2.99 through August 24 
(Reg. $3.98)

The handsome mercenary demands her surrender ...


Pieces of Dreams
by Jennifer Blake

FREE - but only till about 8:00 PM Central Time on Aug 10

A choice fueled by stormy passion...

Historical romance novella (Reg. $2.99)

Deadly Image
by Tamelia Tumlin

FREE - August 10 and 11

Did Lexi abduct her own child? Can evidence lie?

Inspirational romantic suspense - long novella (Reg. $2.99)

by Phoenix Sullivan

FREE - but only till about 8:00 PM Central Time Aug 10

10,000 years ago a pandemic wiped out much of the world. It's back.

Medical thriller (Reg. $4.39)

Plus a bonus - a New Release from one of our good friends,
another New York Times and USA Today bestselling author!

A New Draycott Abbey Series (Book 1)
by Christina Skye 

FREE Aug 10 (and maybe a little longer -
check price before purchasing)

Eternal desire, trust and deadly revenge

Paranormal romance - category-length
(Reg. $2.99)

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Landra said...

The ladies of Steel Magnolia Press are filling up my TBR pile. Now if I can get enough time to read everything I'll be super happy!

Thanks ladies for the non-stop stream of releases. I'm enjoying my HOT summer.