Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Isn't It Romantic - Italy

Hadrian's Villa Ruins
It happened several years ago, but I’ll never forget. I was traveling with an English and American group that gathered for dinner at a restaurant outside Rome, near Hadrian's Villa. The others were boisterous, enjoying the free-flowing wine and each other’s company. I was bit out of it, being something of an introvert, but entertained myself by practicing the ultra-polite Italian form of "thank you" on the wait staff.

Come the end of the meal, and desserts were being served. Everyone around me received theirs, but the place in front of me remained empty. I’d been overlooked.

Oh, but then the server for our table appeared at my side. With a flourish and the greatest deference, he placed a special dessert before me. Not only was it beautifully garnished and twice as large as everyone else’s, but it was presented on a gold plate. “For the kind and beautiful lady,” he said.

Oh, the romance of the grand gesture. They do it so well in Italy. Is it any wonder that I love that country, or that I chose to write about it in The Tuscan's Revenge Wedding?

- Jennifer


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