Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Think Like a Ghost

I like to read books that have a lot of characters, and I also like knowing what each individual character is thinking. I’m not sure why I feel I have to know everyone’s thoughts and feelings; maybe it’s because I’m a busybody and want to know all the details. I’m like that about real-life stories, too!

Because of this, my current writing project, a ghost story for middle-graders, has multiple points of view. I explore how everyone thinks and feels—even the ghost. In the process, I’m discovering that I have a lot of ideas about the thoughts and emotions of ghosts. How weird is that?

Trying to write from a different viewpoint has its challenges. For instance, how should a ghost react when seen by a living being? Would it feel relief or fear? It all depends on the ghost! Or, rather, on how the author perceives the ghost’s character. If you're interested in how ghosts think, you might enjoy reading this supernatural story. It should be ready for publication this summer.

I’ll be posting more on the internal life of ghosts as the book’s publication draws near. Meanwhile, for books with other excellent points of view, try:
SECTOR C by Phoenix Sullivan
The Warlock's Daughter by Jennifer Blake
Gypsy Bond by Lindy Corbin
Seducing the Night by Tamelia Tumlin

These authors have what it takes to get their point of view across beautifully. :)
Trudy Edgeworth is a sixth-grade science teacher who lives in Rogers, Arkansas. She is married to the love of her life, Keith, and was blessed with four amazing children. Despite her busy schedule with her career as a teacher, she finds time to pursue her true passion ... writing. She is currently working on a fictional piece for young adults at the request of her students and plans to have it finished by May 2012.


Kathy Faucheux said...

Congratulations on your first blog! Your book sounds like it'll be great and, if it's like you, really fun and quirky. I can't wait to read it!

Tamelia Tumlin said...

I love knowing the viewpoints of all the characters as well. I think this creates a connection to each one that otherwise might be difficult to attain. But, on the subject of viewpoints, I must say I prefer third person point of view with all of the characters. I've never been one to really get into a story when the POV is in first person (even for just one of the characters). But, that is just my preference. I'm sure there are many others who enjoy the first person point of view as they read. LOL! I can't wait to read the ghost story. I think it will be quite interesting to have the ghost's point of view. Sounds like a fun read!